Acrylic,Storage,$32,Orga,Dust-Proof,Cosmetic,Drawer,Plastic,,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Desk,/inviolated6194510.html,Box $32 Dust-Proof Cosmetic Storage Box Acrylic Plastic Drawer Desk Orga Home Kitchen Storage Organization Dust-Proof Cosmetic Storage Box Acrylic Drawer Desk Orga Reservation Plastic Acrylic,Storage,$32,Orga,Dust-Proof,Cosmetic,Drawer,Plastic,,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Desk,/inviolated6194510.html,Box Dust-Proof Cosmetic Storage Box Acrylic Drawer Desk Orga Reservation Plastic $32 Dust-Proof Cosmetic Storage Box Acrylic Plastic Drawer Desk Orga Home Kitchen Storage Organization

70% OFF Outlet Dust-Proof Cosmetic Storage Box Acrylic Drawer Desk Orga Reservation Plastic

Dust-Proof Cosmetic Storage Box Acrylic Plastic Drawer Desk Orga


Dust-Proof Cosmetic Storage Box Acrylic Plastic Drawer Desk Orga

Product description


It made of acrylic, durable and environmentally friendly, lightweight and practical.
Storage box with drawer make your desk neater and organized.
The design of handle make it easy to use, easy to carry.
Fashionable transparent body design is attractive, allows you see the contained objects clear at a glance.
Good organizer unit for your lipsticks and other cosmetics. Best gift for women.
Material: Acrylic,Plastic
Size: 26.5 X 18.2 X 34.7 cm
Note:The above dimensions are measured by physical objects. There will be 1-2cm error due to different measurements.Material:Acryl

Dust-Proof Cosmetic Storage Box Acrylic Plastic Drawer Desk Orga

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