$53 EVTSCAN 1 PCS 30W-100W 1/3 Phase Vibrator Motor Asynchronous Vib Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $53 EVTSCAN 1 PCS 30W-100W 1/3 Phase Vibrator Motor Asynchronous Vib Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Vibrator,Motor,$53,/inviolated6591810.html,Asynchronous,PCS,1/3,30W-100W,Phase,1,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Vib,EVTSCAN EVTSCAN 1 PCS 30W-100W Translated 3 Phase Vib Vibrator Asynchronous Motor covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Vibrator,Motor,$53,/inviolated6591810.html,Asynchronous,PCS,1/3,30W-100W,Phase,1,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Vib,EVTSCAN EVTSCAN 1 PCS 30W-100W Translated 3 Phase Vib Vibrator Asynchronous Motor

EVTSCAN 1 PCS 30W-100W Translated 3 Phase Vib Vibrator Max 40% OFF Asynchronous Motor

EVTSCAN 1 PCS 30W-100W 1/3 Phase Vibrator Motor Asynchronous Vib


EVTSCAN 1 PCS 30W-100W 1/3 Phase Vibrator Motor Asynchronous Vib

Product description

Color:single phase 30W


Name: Vibrator Motor

Rated speed: 3000 RPM
Rated voltage: single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V

Type: 1 phase 30W, 3 phase30W, 1 phase 40W, 3 phase 40W, 1 phase 50W, 3 phase50W, 1 phase 60W, 3 phase 60W, 1 phase 70W, 3 phase 70W, 1 phase 80W, 3 phase 80W, 1 phase 90W, 3 phase 90W, 1 phase 100W, 3 phase 100W(Optional)

Size: 30w-40w: 15 x 11cm / 5.91 x 4.33in, 50w-100w: 17.7 x 11cm / 6.97 x 4.33in

Weight: approx. 1792-2400g

Wiring method:

1 phase: Green and yellow wire:

EVTSCAN 1 PCS 30W-100W 1/3 Phase Vibrator Motor Asynchronous Vib

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