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Sheer Window Curtain Panels Sale item - Award A an of Fantasy New Fractals Image

Sheer Window Curtain Panels - A New Fantasy Image of Fractals an


Sheer Window Curtain Panels - A New Fantasy Image of Fractals an

Product description

Size:100"W x 102"L

These beautiful sheer curtain panels is a great choice for anyone seeking a simple yet elegant look for their rooms, it is not cheap looks but very rich effect. The tone on tone embellishment provides a light and airy feel.These curtains create an amazing ambience in your rooms. Make your room more cozy and romantic. Can be used as a door curtain, window curtain or a background for a shop window display. Let the curtain decorate your room more beautiful .


Showcase an casual and natural pattern, adding your house an rustic classic and sophisticated touch.

These semi-sheer curtains are not transparent, just block out enough light so that natural light can be into but no one can see through

Deeply impressed your friends, family, and guests with these window curtain panels on any window.


Add your house an classic and sophisticated touch, thus you can easily blend these with your existing home décor

Because of their understated appeal, these sheer curtains look equally good in formal and informal spaces, also sturdier and durable.

Product Features:

1.Material: Luxurious 100% polyester voile fabric.

2.Colors Option: White

3.Package Includes: 2 panels in each package.Each package contains two sheer panels.

4.Occasions:Home/ Living room/ Bedroom/Kids room/ Yard/ Patio/ Parlor/ Sliding door/ Villa

Sheer Window Curtain Panels - A New Fantasy Image of Fractals an

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