$119 Noise Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl 4’ x 25’ (100 SF) 1 LB MLV Sound Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment LB,x,Grabber,25’,1,Noise,Loaded,(100,SF),/isonitroso6777506.html,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,MLV,Mass,4’,Vinyl,$119,Sound,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment LB,x,Grabber,25’,1,Noise,Loaded,(100,SF),/isonitroso6777506.html,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,MLV,Mass,4’,Vinyl,$119,Sound,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment Noise Super popular specialty store Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl 4’ x MLV 1 100 Sound LB 25’ SF Noise Super popular specialty store Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl 4’ x MLV 1 100 Sound LB 25’ SF $119 Noise Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl 4’ x 25’ (100 SF) 1 LB MLV Sound Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment

Noise Super popular specialty store Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl New Orleans Mall 4’ x MLV 1 100 Sound LB 25’ SF

Noise Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl 4’ x 25’ (100 SF) 1 LB MLV Sound


Noise Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl 4’ x 25’ (100 SF) 1 LB MLV Sound

Product Description

1 LB Noise Grabber MLV Technical Specifications

Thickness 1/8"
STC Rating 26
Tensile (ASTM D412) 600 PSI
Elongation (ASTM D412) 125%
Tear Resistance (ASTM D412) 100 lbf/in
Color Black
Surface Finish Smooth
Weight (per Square Foot) 1 pound

STC Test Report

Proven and verified STC ratings

Proven STC Ratings provide excellent results

All of SoundproofingMLV's products are thoroughly tested to ensure they offer the best results. Our Noise Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl is no difference, and it's STC results show that it definitively reduces sound transmission.

What is STC?

STC Ratings are compiled through laboratory testing to determine how much sound material will block at different frequencies and decibels. This means that when properly applied, STC ratings can be used to determine the exact amount of noise will be blocked by a substrate. To do this, the only information needed is the frequency and decibel rating of the sound that you are looking to block out. Once you have this information, you can apply it to the STC chart to determine what transmission loss you can expect from a certain STC rating.

Noise Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl 4’ x 25’ (100 SF) 1 LB MLV Sound

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