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Black Semi-Oval NEW before selling Metal Frame with Lights Wall LED Mirror Bathroom Attention brand

Black Semi-Oval Metal Frame with LED Lights Bathroom Wall Mirror


Black Semi-Oval Metal Frame with LED Lights Bathroom Wall Mirror

Product description


This semi-elliptical wall mirror with lights can adjust the color and brightness of the light according to your preference through the inductive smart touch switch, which can improve the quality of life at home.
Adopting HD explosion-proof silver mirror, the image is clear, not deformed, not easy to oxidize and rust, environmental protection, anti-blackening, and the bottom is treated with explosion-proof film, even if it is broken, it will not splash out and protect the family.
High-quality LED light strip, high brightness, low energy consumption, durable, waterproof and anti-leakage, prolong the service life and make intelligence more secure. Temperature controlled defogging technology, quickly removes mist, reduces mist interference, and keeps the mirror clear.
Name: Bathroom wall mirror with lights

Style: simple and modern

Mirror: HD Explosion-proof Silver Mirror

Frame: Aluminum alloy

Colour: Black

Shape: Semi-oval

Method: Smart induction switch

Size: 50 * 70cm (19.6 * 27.5in), 60 * 80cm (23.6 * 31.4in), 60 * 100cm (23.6 * 39.3in), 70 * 110cm (27.5 * 43.3in), 75 * 120cm (29.5 * 47.2in) , 80 * 130cm (31.4 * 51.1in)

Installation: vertical wall mount

Maintenance: If there are stains, you can wipe with toothpaste and 30% cleaning thinner

Black Semi-Oval Metal Frame with LED Lights Bathroom Wall Mirror

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