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IKLOP 5 Piece Wall Art Modern Abstract Artwor OFFicial site Super sale period limited Print Decor Canvas

IKLOP 5 Piece Wall Art Modern Abstract Canvas Print Decor Artwor


IKLOP 5 Piece Wall Art Modern Abstract Canvas Print Decor Artwor

Product description

Size: [150x80cm], [30x40x2cm], [30x60x2cm], [30x80x1cm], the size can be customized, you can customize your favorite photos and pictures for customization.

Waterproof: Yes
Environmentally friendly ink printing: Yes
UV protection: Yes
Material: wood and canvas
Type: Artistic micro-jet printing
It can be hung directly without tightening the accessory kit.

Painting function: We use high-quality canvas specially designed for canvas printing.High-definition pictures are printed on the canvas, colorful, waterproof and non-fading.The back of the canvas has been tightened and framed so that it can be hung at any time. All photo frames are made of wood, which is more environmentally friendly.

application: We have many styles of decoration. This kind of aesthetic decoration can be used in living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, corridor, nursery, children's room, girl and teenager room, children's room, guest room, living room, farmhouse, office, dormitory, hotel, cafe, restaurant, bar, The gym or fireplace is just behind the sofa in your beautiful house. These artworks are also great gifts for family, friends and lovers, suitable for birthdays, wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day, holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

about Us: We provide each customer with the best customer service to ensure that our customers can buy with confidence. Welcome to contact us by email, we will reply you within 24 hours, click to add to shopping cart now.

prevention: These images are for display only, they are not taken in a real showroom, nor do they represent the same scale prints in a real space. Please measure your space before buying. Due to the different brands displayed, the colors of the actual paintings may be slightly different from the images in our store.

IKLOP 5 Piece Wall Art Modern Abstract Canvas Print Decor Artwor

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