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Los Angeles Mall GYL Projection Clocks Night Light Popular Radio FM Eyes Protection Wake

GYL Projection Clocks Night Light Eyes Protection FM Radio Wake


GYL Projection Clocks Night Light Eyes Protection FM Radio Wake

Product description

It is very suitable for birthday,party,wedding,room decoration, children's day,christmas,anniversary gifts,etc.

Product Features

1. Eye-protecting warm white lighting, adjustable 20 levels of brightness.
2. Seven-color ambient light, seven-color automatic change mode, seven-color monochrome can be selected, and seven-color monochrome can be adjusted to 20 levels of brightness.
3. Dual alarm clocks: simulate sunrise, wake up naturally by light, and 8 built-in ringtones.
4. Sleep aid function: simulated sunset light to aid sleep; music aid sleep, built-in 30 kinds of music.
5. Support U disk playback.
6. Time projection function, projection adjustable focus.
7. FM radio function, 76-108 MHz (unlimited number of stored channels).

Compared with similar products

1. Time projection.
2. Independent LED time screen, the time display is large and clear, free from the interference of lamp panel lights.
3. The frequently operated buttons are placed on the base, which is clear and easy to operate.
4. Both warm white light and colorful monochromatic light can adjust the brightness.
5. Built-in 7 kinds of pure music, 5 of which are complete tracks, comfortable and nice.
6. The operation of the sleep aid function is very user-friendly, you can choose light + music to aid sleep, simple light to aid sleep, pure music to aid sleep; light to aid sleep can choose warm white light, colorful automatic mode, colorful monochrome, and you can choose anytime Adjust brightness; music sleep aid can play radio, built-in music, U disk music, and the volume can be adjusted at any time.
7. Support U disk playback, and can be used as a small household speaker.

Taille du produit: 17 cm/6.6inch / 16 cm/6.2inch

GYL Projection Clocks Night Light Eyes Protection FM Radio Wake

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