QAZPL Water Curls Clip In Hair Bombing new work Extensions 100% Hu 8 Pieces 120g $36 QAZPL Water Curls Clip In Hair Extensions 120g 8 Pieces, 100% Hu Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $36 QAZPL Water Curls Clip In Hair Extensions 120g 8 Pieces, 100% Hu Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $36,Hair,Water,In,100%,120g,Hu,QAZPL,,Extensions,Curls,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Clip,Pieces,,8,/malikana6554800.html QAZPL Water Curls Clip In Hair Bombing new work Extensions 100% Hu 8 Pieces 120g $36,Hair,Water,In,100%,120g,Hu,QAZPL,,Extensions,Curls,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Clip,Pieces,,8,/malikana6554800.html

QAZPL Water Curls Clip In Hair Bombing new work Extensions 100% Hu 8 Pieces 120g Austin Mall

QAZPL Water Curls Clip In Hair Extensions 120g 8 Pieces, 100% Hu


QAZPL Water Curls Clip In Hair Extensions 120g 8 Pieces, 100% Hu

Product description

Size:10 Inch

Global Delivery dates: about 20-25 days, more than 25 days in some countries/regions.

Product name: Clip in Hair Extensions
Color: 1B Natural Black
Specification: 8-24 inch
Material: 100% Virgin Human Hair (Cut from young girl donor)
Hair style: Water Curls
Can hair dye or perm: Yes, it's OK
Quality: no shedding, no tangle

Package content: Clip in Hair Extensions 120g 8 pieces

How to identify wigs:
Real hair: After burning it, pinch the hair with your hands to form a powder.
Chemical fiber: After burning, pinch the hair with your hands, as if plastic is burned, all stick together.

QAZPL Water Curls Clip In Hair Extensions 120g 8 Pieces, 100% Hu

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