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ZMYIXCJ African Our shipfree shop most popular Women Mural Shower Waterpr Set Curtains Bathroom

ZMYIXCJ African Women Mural Shower Curtains Set Bathroom Waterpr


ZMYIXCJ African Women Mural Shower Curtains Set Bathroom Waterpr

Product description

This 4 piece African Women Mural Waterproof Shower Curtains Set Bathroom Shower Curtain and Rug Sets Print curtain sets, containing non-slip rugs, toilet lid cover and bath mat, can bring vibrant, luxurious, elegant decorative appeal to your privacy bathroom. You will definitely enjoy your bath time with such a piece of art.

The Happy Choice of Most Family:

Shower curtain size:180cm*180cm

Bathroom rug size: 75*45cm

Toilet lid cover size: 42*37cm

U shape rug size: 45*37

Toxic free and safe for your family. No fading.

Unique Design will give you a different novelty experience. Let you enjoy the shower time.

Package Included:

1 × Flower Shower Curtain.

1× Bathroom Mat.

1 × Toilet Lid Cover.

1 × U Shape rug

12 × Strong Plastic Hooks.

Shower Curtain Notice:

1.All dimensions are measured manually with deviation (ranged) at 1-2cm.

2.Due to differences in computer monitors display, there can be slight color variations between the actual product and your screen.

You may troubled by the after-sales problem before. If you buy

ZMYIXCJ African Women Mural Shower Curtains Set Bathroom Waterpr

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