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Tophacker Smokeless Ashtray for supreme D Multifunction Smoker Outstanding Cigarette

Tophacker Smokeless Ashtray for Cigarette Smoker Multifunction D


Tophacker Smokeless Ashtray for Cigarette Smoker Multifunction D

Product description

Smoke Grabber Ash Tray is the ideal solution for homes, offices, and other gathering areas where you want to reduce the effects of second hand smoke in a room.

Dimension: 18*18*6.5cm
Materials: ABS + Metal
Input: 5V DC
Working time: 5hrs at low speed
Battery capacity:3000mAh
Negative ion is generated and reduce PM 2.5.
Cordless, easy to carry, can be used for home, business, business trips.

Package Include:
1x Smokeless Ashtray
1x Charge cable
1x Manual

1. Please do not block the exhaust outlet of the ashtray.
2. Use in non-wind place.
3. Please handle with cigarette carefully.

Tophacker Smokeless Ashtray for Cigarette Smoker Multifunction D

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