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YLHXYPP Wireless Microphone Bluetooth Karaoke Mobile Cheap mail order shopping 35% OFF Ste Speaker

YLHXYPP Wireless Microphone Bluetooth Speaker Mobile Karaoke Ste


YLHXYPP Wireless Microphone Bluetooth Speaker Mobile Karaoke Ste

Product description


Type: Karaoke
Material: ABS
Color: Black, Golden (optional)
Bluetooth solution: Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth distance: 10M
Speaker power: 2 * 10W
Speaker specifications: 3 inches
external magnetic Built-in battery specifications: 9V 1800mAh
Playing time: 2-3H
Charger specification: 5V-2A
Charging time: 1-2H
Main features: Bluetooth, TF card, AUX, FM, U disk, comes with karaoke mode
Microphone Solution: BK U
Band Microphone distance: 10M
Microphone battery specifications: Built-in 18650 1800mAh12V
Microphone charging time: 1-2H
Microphone type: Single point capacitive Package
Weight: approx. 2918 g / 102.93 oz
Family KTV - With 2 microphones, you can enjoy karaoke nights with family and friends at home.
Large capacity - Built-in 1800mAh lithium battery for speakers, built-in 1500mAh battery for microphone, can bring you joy and laughter for 2-3 hours.
Wireless Bluetooth connection - 10 meters transmission distance and fast bluetooth connection, easy to operate wirelessly.
Support AUX - AUX input for connecting external devices and pocket type audio cables.
Support TF card and USB flash drive - Play your favorite music and immerse yourself in the music world.
Multi-Function Amplifier Speaker and Microphone Kit - Ideal for indoor or outdoor personal or commercial use.
The top is specially designed - you can safely put your phone or tablet on it and enjoy singing.
With disco coloured lights - let you experience the feeling of the bar at home.
Package List:
1 * Speaker 2 * Microphone( batteries Not included) 1 * Instruction Manual 1 * Audio Cable 1 * USB Cable 1 * Power Cord
Due to the difference in lighting and screen Settings, the color may be slightly different from the picture.
Please allow a slight size difference due to different manual measurement methods.
Only the above package content, other products are not included.

YLHXYPP Wireless Microphone Bluetooth Speaker Mobile Karaoke Ste

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