$25 QEU 120 x 60 x 70 4Ft Portable Multipurpose Folding Table White Home Kitchen Furniture $25 QEU 120 x 60 x 70 4Ft Portable Multipurpose Folding Table White Home Kitchen Furniture QEU 120 Super-cheap x 60 70 4Ft Table Multipurpose Folding Portable White QEU 120 Super-cheap x 60 70 4Ft Table Multipurpose Folding Portable White $25,70,/Bembecidae6288112.html,Portable,QEU,4Ft,Table,x,60,x,Multipurpose,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Folding,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,120,White $25,70,/Bembecidae6288112.html,Portable,QEU,4Ft,Table,x,60,x,Multipurpose,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Folding,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,120,White

QEU 120 Super-cheap x 60 70 Colorado Springs Mall 4Ft Table Multipurpose Folding Portable White

QEU 120 x 60 x 70 4Ft Portable Multipurpose Folding Table White


QEU 120 x 60 x 70 4Ft Portable Multipurpose Folding Table White

Product description

This is our 120 x 60 x 70 4Ft Portable Multipurpose Folding Table, which is ideal for family reunions, picnics, camping trips, buffets or barbecues.This table is great for entertaining and can be used as a serving table, game table, or outdoor dinningtable. This table is great for entertaining and can be used as a serving table, game table, or outdoor dinning table.

1. New and high quality
2. Legs can be locked into a fixed position for stability
3. Durable nylon adjustable glides protect floor surfaces
4. Portable design, fold and set for use quickly amp; easily
5. Height adjustable three block (55cm, 62cm, 70cm)
6. Easy to clean top
7. Folding interior can accommodate four folding chairs, reasonable design, easy to carry out

QEU 120 x 60 x 70 4Ft Portable Multipurpose Folding Table White

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