YQSHYP Triple Protection Portable Control 10-Speed Tucson Mall Steamer Doub YQSHYP Triple Protection Portable Control 10-Speed Tucson Mall Steamer Doub $163 YQSHYP Triple Protection Portable Steamer, 10-Speed Control Doub Home Kitchen Irons Steamers /Calandrinia6287663.html,Triple,$163,Portable,Home Kitchen , Irons Steamers,Doub,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,10-Speed,Steamer,,Control,YQSHYP,Protection /Calandrinia6287663.html,Triple,$163,Portable,Home Kitchen , Irons Steamers,Doub,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,10-Speed,Steamer,,Control,YQSHYP,Protection $163 YQSHYP Triple Protection Portable Steamer, 10-Speed Control Doub Home Kitchen Irons Steamers

YQSHYP Triple Atlanta Mall Protection Portable Control 10-Speed Tucson Mall Steamer Doub

YQSHYP Triple Protection Portable Steamer, 10-Speed Control Doub


YQSHYP Triple Protection Portable Steamer, 10-Speed Control Doub

Product description

Product parameters:

Temperature adjustment gear: ten temperature adjustment

With or without bracket: Yes

Water tank capacity: 2.1L

Hanging machine type: vertical hanging machine

Rated power: 2000W

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated frequency: 50HZ

SERVICE POLICY:If you have any questions, please leave your messages, we promise to reply you within 24 hours and offer you best services.

YQSHYP Triple Protection Portable Steamer, 10-Speed Control Doub

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