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Pool Suction Cleaner Battery Low Today's only price High Cleani Efficient Powered

Pool Suction Cleaner, Battery Powered High Efficient Pool Cleani


Pool Suction Cleaner, Battery Powered High Efficient Pool Cleani

Product description

1. The vacuum cleaner can easily the entire swimming pool and is suitable for hot tubs, swimming pools or spas.
2. The powerful automatic pool vacuum cleaner completely removes all pool debris and quickly removes debris when moving on the floor.
3. Efficient, durable and quiet operation vacuum system, powerfully sand and silt particles.
4. Put 8 AA batteries in the compartment area of the allocated battery (batteries are not included), and press the switch to use.
5. Using high-quality plastic materials, safe, environmentally friendly, durable and durable, it is a good helper for swimming pool cleaning.

Item Type: Pool Vacuum Cleaner
Material: Plastic
Color: As shown in the picture
Weight: Approx.1080g/38.1oz
Battery: 8 x AA batter(not included)
Application: Swimming pool cleaning

How to Use
1. Unscrew the battery cover counterclockwise.
2. Gently pull the handle cover to expose the battery compartment.
3. Put 8 AA batteries into the assigned battery compartment area and install the battery room correctly.
4. Slide the handle cover back.
5. Screw on the cover clockwise.
6. Press the switch to use.

Package List:
1 x Suction Rod(Battery Not Included)
1 x Suction Head
1 x Instruction Manual

Pool Suction Cleaner, Battery Powered High Efficient Pool Cleani

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