$28 Elephants Bath Towel Wrap with Dry Hair Shower Cap, Adjustable C Beauty Personal Care Personal Care Elephants Bath Towel Wrap Free shipping anywhere in the nation with Dry Shower Hair C Adjustable Cap Towel,Dry,Elephants,Bath,Shower,/Hypnum6287768.html,C,Cap,,Wrap,Hair,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Adjustable,with,$28,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care Elephants Bath Towel Wrap Free shipping anywhere in the nation with Dry Shower Hair C Adjustable Cap $28 Elephants Bath Towel Wrap with Dry Hair Shower Cap, Adjustable C Beauty Personal Care Personal Care Towel,Dry,Elephants,Bath,Shower,/Hypnum6287768.html,C,Cap,,Wrap,Hair,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Adjustable,with,$28,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care

Elephants Bath Towel Wrap Free shipping anywhere in the nation with Dry Shower Price reduction Hair C Adjustable Cap

Elephants Bath Towel Wrap with Dry Hair Shower Cap, Adjustable C


Elephants Bath Towel Wrap with Dry Hair Shower Cap, Adjustable C

Product description

- Made of High-grade coral fleece fabric, light and soft, can absorb water quickly
- Super absorbent and ultra lightweight
- One size fits most,4 adjustable button closure, magic sticker and elastic top.
- Don't shed fur,don't fade,soft and breathable
- Easy to take on and off with velcro fastening
- Machine Washable,Tumble or Hang Dry.
Eco-friendly Print
We use reactive print technology to dye the towels. HF-RS-A liquid reduction system can make better color fastness. Therefore our towels are durable and anti-fading, the color is also more bright and beautiful.
The reactive print is a green and environmentally friendly dyeing process, which is natural and no stimulation to human body, so it is healthy and safe for you and your family.
Various Occasions
Perfect for wrapping yourself after a relaxing bath and a refreshing shower. Whether you are at home, college dorm, gym, sauna room, spa or beach as a cover-up. Enjoy the cozy moment cuddled in this wrap.
The towel wrap is a nice gift for friend or family you love.
Set includes:
1 Bath towel: 31.5" x 60"(80*150CM)
1 Dry Hair Cap: 9.8" x 25.6"(25*65CM)
1 Headband: 5.9" x 8.7"(15*22CM)
Warm Note:
-The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness
-Any questions ,please feel free to contact with us. We committed to 100% satisfaction of our customers.

Elephants Bath Towel Wrap with Dry Hair Shower Cap, Adjustable C

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