GJYY Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner is Cha Rechargeable Cordless Outlet sale feature Fast $51 GJYY Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner is Cordless, Rechargeable Fast Cha Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care GJYY Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner is Cha Rechargeable Cordless Outlet sale feature Fast $51 GJYY Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner is Cordless, Rechargeable Fast Cha Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care Fast,/Kirghiz6442522.html,Cordless,,$51,GJYY,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,Hand-Held,Cha,Cleaner,Rechargeable,is,Vacuum Fast,/Kirghiz6442522.html,Cordless,,$51,GJYY,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,Hand-Held,Cha,Cleaner,Rechargeable,is,Vacuum

GJYY Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner is Cha Rechargeable Cordless Outlet sale feature Outlet sale feature Fast

GJYY Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner is Cordless, Rechargeable Fast Cha


GJYY Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner is Cordless, Rechargeable Fast Cha

Product description


Strong suction:
Clean your housing and cars with powerful suction. Cordless design can release your sports space to clean stairs, kitchen and cars.

Clearable HEPA filter:
The Vacpower handheld vacuum cleaner has stainless steel HEPA filters, exquisite craftsmanship, durable. It can be cleaned many times compared to filter paper.

Easy to carry, lightweight, easy to use:
Lightweight portable design allows you to carry it with you. When used, it will not be as heavy as using large vacuum cleaners. A very intimate design.

Gap tool:
Deep cleaning houses and cars, especially those that are difficult to see. Easy to absorb the dust of the corner.

Rubber tank tool:
The rubber can help you pick a small fragment, such as food residue.

Dustbrush tool:
Easily remove dust. The brush can easily clean the carpet, staircase, fabric furniture and interior decor.

Size: 35 * 10.4 * 11.6 cm
Material: Plastic PVC
Product Name: Portable detachable portable robot with vacuum cleaner
Bag or no bag: no bag
Function: Wet and dry
Working hours:gt; 20 minutes dry
Charging time: 4 hours
Suction: 1800 Pa
Product size: 115 * 31 * 16 cm

GJYY Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner is Cordless, Rechargeable Fast Cha

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