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YXX Kids Bath Swimming Pool Insulation Plastic New 2021 mail order Foldable F Cover

YXX Kids Bath Swimming Pool Cover, Foldable Plastic Insulation F


YXX Kids Bath Swimming Pool Cover, Foldable Plastic Insulation F

Product description

Size:Diameter 1.5m/4.9ft

The perfect partner for outdoor swimming pools! Spend more time swimming in your pool this summer and less time cleaning it with the solar pool cover. This above ground pool cover helps keep your pool free of dirt,insects and debris when not in use!

★ Specification:
Material: PE Plastic Film
Bubble Diameter: 16mm
Bubble Hight: 4mm
Thickness: 400um(About 15Mil)
Weight: 400 G/M²

★ Product benefits:
Extend your swimming season by warming water earlier,and keeping it warm longer
Retain heat to keep water at a consistent temperature
Use the natural power of the sun to warm your water
Reduce water evaporation by 95%
Helps to save money by reducing pool chemical evaporation when covered
Keeps leaves and debris from entering pool which reduces maintenance time
Also ideal as a thermal blanket for heated pools
Easy and economical to use
Reusable carry; Easy storage

★ Note:
After receiving the product,there may be a little taste of glue and ventilation outside.
Realistic shooting,shooting lights,display effects and personal opinions and other factors will produce a certain color,please prevail in kind

YXX Kids Bath Swimming Pool Cover, Foldable Plastic Insulation F

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