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Superlatite Gashadokuro Japanese T-Shirt Max 41% OFF Yokai

Gashadokuro [Japanese Yokai] T-Shirt


Gashadokuro [Japanese Yokai] T-Shirt

Product description

A series of Yokai created by the professional designers in Japan. Amabie from the third stage of 15 species is now available as a custom item. It uses a carefully drawn, completely original illustration. It is a beautiful painting that evokes one of the charms of Japanese painting, Wabi-Sabi, with its flowing and rough finish reminiscent of the brushwork of the masters of Japanese painting. Like a Kakejiku (hanging scroll) illuminated by the flickering light of an Andon (Japanese lantern), it will bring a rich expression of Yin-and-Yang to your life.

Gashadokuro [Japanese Yokai] T-Shirt

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