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Cheap mail order specialty store LXLA 23 Inch Concert Ukulele Adults Professi for Kids Max 89% OFF Beginners

LXLA 23 Inch Concert Ukulele for Beginners Kids Adults, Professi


LXLA 23 Inch Concert Ukulele for Beginners Kids Adults, Professi

Product description

Color:Style 7

A Great Gift for Music Lover - Whether you’re looking for a birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas or graduation gifts, send this ukulele to anyone that likes playing guitar or someone that just loves music. This could be an awesome gift for adults, kids who are just getting started with Ukulele.

✔ Package contents: 1 x Ukulele; 1 x Carrying bag; 2 x Picks; 4 x Spare nylon string; 1 x Capo; 1 x Songbook; 1 x Strap; 4 x Spare bridge pin; 1 x Bridge pin puller.

【 Specification 】:
● Style: Concert
● Size: 23"
● Frets: 17
● Body and Neck Material: Mahogany
● Fretboard and Bridge Material: Rosewood
● String Material: Nylon String
● Machine Heads: Fully Metal
● Tuning Gear Ratio: 18:1
● Frets Material: Hand Polished Nickel Silver
● Nut Material: Cattle Bone
● Tuning: Standard (GCEA)
● Color: As shown

【 Feature 】:
● Mahogany body brings you richer and brighter sound.
● Rosewood fingerboard and bridge provide a comfortable playing feel.
● The body and strings are very smooth, safe, and will not scratch your fingers.
● Features an arched back to give longer sustain amp; fuller sound.
● Accurate and smooth metal tuners to keep your ukulele always in tune.
● 18: 1 geared machine heads for effortlessly precise tuning.
● Enjoying the playing anytime and anywhere.
● Perfect for all ages!

【 Notice 】:
★ About tuning issue: It happens to any string instrument - It takes a few days to stay tuned (due to new strings naturally stretching). Once it's done stretching, it will achieve an optimal tuning stability.
★ All the above pictures are displayed, and the different display effects may be different. Please refer to the actual product.

LXLA 23 Inch Concert Ukulele for Beginners Kids Adults, Professi

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