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VVBBS CNIxxng Cool Jacksonville Mall Dog Res Personalized Creative Max 57% OFF Ashtray

VVBBS CNIxxng Cool Dog Ashtray Creative Personalized Ashtray Res


VVBBS CNIxxng Cool Dog Ashtray Creative Personalized Ashtray Res

Product description


- Material: Resin
- With thecigaretteclip, it is practical.
- It is not easy tobe out of shape and fade.1 x storage holder

This is a ashtray, made of resin material, which is safe and durable. Dog decoration design with excellent workmanship makes it cute and funny. it is a funny and beautiful decoration for your home etc. and it is also a ashtray. it is very practical and creative.

VVBBS CNIxxng Cool Dog Ashtray Creative Personalized Ashtray Res

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