Light,B15/B22/E12/E16/E17/E26/E27,,LED,ACXLONG,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,Bulb(Dimmable,$21,Corn,/ammonifier6287473.html Light,B15/B22/E12/E16/E17/E26/E27,,LED,ACXLONG,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,Bulb(Dimmable,$21,Corn,/ammonifier6287473.html ACXLONG B15 B22 E12 E16 E17 E26 Light Corn E27 New color Dimmable LED Bulb $21 ACXLONG B15/B22/E12/E16/E17/E26/E27 LED Light Corn Bulb(Dimmable Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs $21 ACXLONG B15/B22/E12/E16/E17/E26/E27 LED Light Corn Bulb(Dimmable Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs ACXLONG B15 B22 E12 E16 E17 E26 Light Corn E27 New color Dimmable LED Bulb

ACXLONG B15 B22 E12 OFFicial shop E16 E17 E26 Light Corn E27 New color Dimmable LED Bulb

ACXLONG B15/B22/E12/E16/E17/E26/E27 LED Light Corn Bulb(Dimmable


ACXLONG B15/B22/E12/E16/E17/E26/E27 LED Light Corn Bulb(Dimmable

Product description

New B15/B22/E12/E16/E17/E26/E27 LED 12W/16W corn bulbs are perfect replacements for traditional halogen lamps
(1) Standard base, easy to install, you just need to screw the bulb into the empty socket in seconds, no tools required.
(2) Our corn lamps are the perfect replacement for ordinary halogen lamps, saving up to 90% energy. No harm to the environment or health, no lead or harmful mercury, no harmful radiation, no UV or infrared rays.
SPECIAL NOTE: Most LED corn lamps on the market have false information about lumens and wattage, our corn lamps are factory tested at 880LM for 12W corn lamps and 1281LM for 16W corn lamps! The 12W corn light contains 60 high quality beads and the 16W corn light contains 80 high quality beads.
CORN LIGHT SIZE: 12W is 29*93MM, 16W is 31*102MM (the specific size is based on the picture above)
12W = 120W halogen lamp, 16W = 160W halogen lamp
COLOUR TEMPERATURE: 3500K warm white / 6500K cool white
LUMINOUS FLUX:12W = 880LM, 16W = 1281LM (tested)
VOLTAGE: 85V - 265V AC
1 x B15/B22/E12/E16/E17/E26/E27 LED bulb lamp
Q amp; A
Question: Hi, what is his voltage?
A: Hi, I installed it in my kitchen ceiling light and it is bright and brilliant. Its voltage is AC85-265V universal.

ACXLONG B15/B22/E12/E16/E17/E26/E27 LED Light Corn Bulb(Dimmable

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