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Tablecloths Rectangular - Outlet ☆ Free Shipping Personalized Tablecloth San Francisco Mall 3D

Tablecloths Rectangular Tablecloths - 3D Personalized Tablecloth


Tablecloths Rectangular Tablecloths - 3D Personalized Tablecloth

Product description

Size:Rectangular 80cm*150cm

Welcome to the Gcxzb store.
● Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Spills can be easily wiped off. Suitable for a variety of uses, such as dining tables, kitchen tables, patio tables, barbecues, parties, school nurseries and game groups, crafts, restaurants, boats, mobile homes, caravans and more. The picture is for reference only and the color may be different. *** This item was cut off, so this measurement item will not accept returns. ** *
Size: Rectangular -50*130 cm
Material: Polyester fiber (polyester)
Fabric main components: polyester fiber (polyester)
Fabric main ingredient content: 100
Product category: tablecloth
Style: Pastoral
shape: rectangle
Applicable scene: family
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Please note:
This photo is from the real tablecloth we sell. The colors should be very close, but due to factors such as the display's lighting effects and brightness/contrast settings, the tone of the website photos may be slightly different from the actual project.
2. Due to folded delivery, the arrival of the goods may be slightly creased and will automatically recover after a period of time.
3. Physical pictures, for reference only.
★★★ Our shop sells various patterns and different types of tablecloths in Amazon. Please visit our store or contact us for details. We will reply within 12 hours ★★★
If you need any help,contact the seller.

Tablecloths Rectangular Tablecloths - 3D Personalized Tablecloth

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