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Nixi888 Regular discount Anime Figure Attack Albuquerque Mall On Levi Rival PVC Ackerman Rivaille

Nixi888 Anime Figure Attack On Levi Rivaille Rival Ackerman PVC


Nixi888 Anime Figure Attack On Levi Rivaille Rival Ackerman PVC

Product description

If you are interested in our products, you can search our store name, our store has more other interesting toys, you are welcome to come and buy.
Product Name: Anime Statue Model

Origin: Made in China
Size: about 12CM
Color: reference picture
Material: PVC
Toy types: model toys, statue models
Applicable age: 15 years old and above
Applicable occasions: indoor, outdoor, toy room
Applicable crowd: figure lovers

Statue model *1

Please note:
* Figurines from China, Modified version, Different from other versions.There will be a little flaw,Perfectionist careful to buy
* Due to manual measurement, please allow 1~2 cm error, which will not affect the use.
* Besides this product, the decorative photos displayed on the products are all props, not for sale, please forgive me.
* Toy Sculptures are handmade colors Due to differences in light, environment and display, products and pictures may have a certain color difference, but will not affect the use, please refer to the actual product, thank you
Product use: personal preferences collection,gifts,beautiful desktop handmade, accessories
Applicable people: Anime figures lovers

Nixi888 Anime Figure Attack On Levi Rivaille Rival Ackerman PVC

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