Manufacturer direct delivery DNAEGH Pillow Case 2PCS Satin Envelope Covers with Closur $26,DNAEGH,Case,2PCS,Closur,Envelope,,/blick6271277.html,Satin,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Covers,with,Pillow,Pillow $26 DNAEGH Pillow Case,2PCS Satin Pillow Covers,with Envelope Closur Home Kitchen Bedding Manufacturer direct delivery DNAEGH Pillow Case 2PCS Satin Envelope Covers with Closur $26 DNAEGH Pillow Case,2PCS Satin Pillow Covers,with Envelope Closur Home Kitchen Bedding $26,DNAEGH,Case,2PCS,Closur,Envelope,,/blick6271277.html,Satin,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Covers,with,Pillow,Pillow

Manufacturer direct delivery DNAEGH Pillow Case Direct store 2PCS Satin Envelope Covers with Closur

DNAEGH Pillow Case,2PCS Satin Pillow Covers,with Envelope Closur


DNAEGH Pillow Case,2PCS Satin Pillow Covers,with Envelope Closur

Product description


Satin pillow cover utilizes polyester satin to provide resilient feel with a distinctive and lustrous appearance - High quality satin is more sturdy and durable than silk pillowcases,which need professional cares - Luxury satin pillowcase provides smooth and soft feeling to ensure your tight sleep with stain resistant.
Bedsure satin pillowcase creates less friction of your beautiful curly hairstyle and reduces hair breakage than sleeping on cotton pillowcases - Will not absorb moisture to help retain your shiny hair, perfect for curly hair - Silky and smooth satin pillowcases protect your hair to keep and frizz free.
Satin pillow cases for skin provide a perfect slip and smooth texture to protect your skin against the facial sleep lines that could become deep wrinkles - Maintain your skin soft and moisturized to beautify your face - Sleep on a satin pillow case can reduce friction to protect your eyelashes from creasing and stay healthier.
Envelope closure end design prevents your pillows escaping from pillowcase during your sweet dream - No zipper with easy on and off design to bring you a unique and pleasant experience - Care instruction: turn the satin pillow case inside out, place inside a mesh laundry bag, and wash with a mild detergent.
What You Can Get: Available in Bedsure satin pillowcases set of 2, pillow covers with envelope closure, standard size 20"x26".
Package Included:1 PC Pillow Case

DNAEGH Pillow Case,2PCS Satin Pillow Covers,with Envelope Closur

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