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Anạl Sales for sale Realịstịc Wịth Clẹạr Dǐdlo Virginia Beach Mall Thick Pọwerfụl

Anạl Realịstịc Wịth Clẹạr Thick Dǐdlo Pọwerfụl


Anạl Realịstịc Wịth Clẹạr Thick Dǐdlo Pọwerfụl

Product description

It is easy to clean, skin-friendly, safe to use for every part of your body.
Name: PVC wand
Material: PVC
Color: Purple
Total length: 16cm/6.29in
Upper diameter: 3cm/1.81in
Lower diameter: 5cm/1.96in
Weight: 184g
Adding a sense of realism to the experience and allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of orgasm.

Anạl Realịstịc Wịth Clẹạr Thick Dǐdlo Pọwerfụl

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