$31 Ciqi New 705 Glasses Reading Glass CQ7055-2.5 Health Household Vision Ciqi New 705 Glasses Manufacturer OFFicial shop CQ7055-2.5 Reading Glass $31 Ciqi New 705 Glasses Reading Glass CQ7055-2.5 Health Household Vision CQ7055-2.5,$31,Reading,Glasses,Glass,New,Ciqi,/caryophylleous6272047.html,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,705,Health Household , Vision CQ7055-2.5,$31,Reading,Glasses,Glass,New,Ciqi,/caryophylleous6272047.html,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,705,Health Household , Vision Ciqi New 705 Glasses Manufacturer OFFicial shop CQ7055-2.5 Reading Glass

Ciqi Max 42% OFF New 705 Glasses Manufacturer OFFicial shop CQ7055-2.5 Reading Glass

Ciqi New 705 Glasses Reading Glass CQ7055-2.5


Ciqi New 705 Glasses Reading Glass CQ7055-2.5

Product description

Color:+2.50 Light Blue

Read your favorite book or magazine in style with the New 705 Glasses by Ciqi. These reading glasses are designed with both practicality and fashion in mind, and each pair of reading glasses comes with a neckstrap so that they dont constantly slip down your face.

Ciqi New 705 Glasses Reading Glass CQ7055-2.5

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