$33 Set of 4 XXL LYCIA Pestemal Towels Turkish Cotton Bath Beach Ham Home Kitchen Bath Set of 4 XXL LYCIA Pestemal Cotton Ham Beach Sacramento Mall Towels Turkish Bath $33 Set of 4 XXL LYCIA Pestemal Towels Turkish Cotton Bath Beach Ham Home Kitchen Bath Set of 4 XXL LYCIA Pestemal Cotton Ham Beach Sacramento Mall Towels Turkish Bath XXL,Towels,of,Bath,/encrinal6288128.html,Turkish,Pestemal,$33,Ham,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Home Kitchen , Bath,Beach,Set,Cotton,4,LYCIA XXL,Towels,of,Bath,/encrinal6288128.html,Turkish,Pestemal,$33,Ham,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Home Kitchen , Bath,Beach,Set,Cotton,4,LYCIA

Set of 4 XXL LYCIA Pestemal Cotton Ham Beach supreme Sacramento Mall Towels Turkish Bath

Set of 4 XXL LYCIA Pestemal Towels Turkish Cotton Bath Beach Ham


Set of 4 XXL LYCIA Pestemal Towels Turkish Cotton Bath Beach Ham

Product Description

Our story has begun at Kizilcaboluk village in Denizli where most of well-known towels of the world, famous costumes of Troya and Pirates of Caribbean Movies are produced in Turkey. Growing up between cotton farms and weaving looms, we thought that the world is based on those two and therefore; just focused on textile products while building our company. In Kizilcaboluk village, almost every house has a weaving loom and it’s a family business to produce a peshtemal for family living. During the day, women of the house sit on the loom and weaves, when the men of the house come home in the afternoon, they take their turn on the loom. So, the peshtemal producing becomes a union handwork for a family with their shared touch. On the other hand; it’s also a contribution for a village woman’s life. In the afternoon, women of the village get together in the village square in order to twist peshtemal tufts by their hands. So, they get socialized and make revenue for their own living with this job. (All tufts of our peshtemals are got twisted in women hands in the village. Therefore; we are happy to contribute on women’s life in a good way with our products.) Growing up in this harmony, we’ve started to produce %100 cotton duvet covers, comforter sets in world standards in 2002. After getting so many requests on towels, we noticed that we could also tell the world about our traditional Turkish peshtemals that are very unique and comfortable in daily use. So, the journey of our colorful peshtemals has begun in Turkey in 2013. When it had come to choose our patterns and colors for peshtemals, we were inspired by Anatolian and Greek mythology characters as Lycia, Ephesus, Hermes,..etc. for their universal legends. Therefore, we created our collections under their names in 3 categories as basic, premium and exclusive. Beside classic peshtemal designs and colors for baths, those categories also became an alternative for daily wear and home decoration which makes us happy to see our peshtemals everywhere.

Huge Collection of Turkish Towels! Directly from the Manufacturer.

lycia turkish towel pestemal black set Lycia multicolored turkish towel set of 6 Gold Case Smyrna Cotton turkish towels set of 5  black 5 different colored cotton towels set of 5 pestemal gold case hera head hand dish towel set of 4 cotton
Lycia-6 packed Black Lycia-6 packed Multicolored Smyrna-5 packed Black Smyrna-5 packed Multicolored Hera Head/Hand/Dish Towel set of 4
Dimensions: 70x39" (180x100 cm) 70x39" (180x100 cm) 70x39" (180x100 cm) 70x39" (180x100 cm) 20"x40"(50x100cm)
Weight per towel: 10-11 oz (270-300gr) 10-11 oz (270-300gr) 11 oz (300gr) 11 oz (300gr) 3.7 oz (100gr)
Quick Drying:
OEKO-Tex Certified:
turkish towel pestemal beach towel

The name of this pestemal LYCIA derives from a geopolitical region in Anatolia in what are now the provinces of Antalya and Mugla on the southern coast of Turkey, and Burdur Province inland. Known to history since the records of ancient Egypt and the Hittite Empire in the Late Bronze Age, it was populated by speakers of the Luwian language group. Written records began to be inscribed in stone in the Lycian language (a later form of Luwian) after Lycia's involuntary incorporation into the Achaemenid Empire in the Iron Age. At that time (546 BC) the Luwian speakers were decimated, and Lycia received an influx of Persian speakers. Lycia fought for the Persians in the Persian Wars, but on the defeat of the Achaemenid Empire by the Greeks, it became intermittently a free agent. After a brief membership in the Athenian Empire, it seceded and became independent (its treaty with Athens had omitted the usual non-secession clause), was under the Persians again, revolted again, was conquered by Mausolus of Caria, returned to the Persians, and went under Macedonian hegemony at the defeat of the Persians by Alexander the Great. Due to the influx of Greek speakers and the sparsity of the remaining Lycian speakers, Lycia was totally Hellenized under the Macedonians. The Lycian language disappeared from inscriptions and coinage. On defeating Antiochus III in 188 BC the Romans gave Lycia to Rhodes for 20 years, taking it back in 168 BC. In these latter stages of the Roman republic Lycia came to enjoy freedom as part of the Roman protectorate. The Romans validated home rule officially under the Lycian League in 168 BC.

Set of 4 XXL LYCIA Pestemal Towels Turkish Cotton Bath Beach Ham

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