9,Percussion,Portable,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,/forelay6286979.html,Furren,Pa,Kit,$97,with,Up,Drum,Percussion,Roll,covid.nandicounty.go.ke $97 Furren Percussion,Portable Percussion,Roll Up Drum Kit with 9 Pa Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Under blast sales Furren Percussion Portable Roll Up with 9 Pa Drum Kit 9,Percussion,Portable,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,/forelay6286979.html,Furren,Pa,Kit,$97,with,Up,Drum,Percussion,Roll,covid.nandicounty.go.ke $97 Furren Percussion,Portable Percussion,Roll Up Drum Kit with 9 Pa Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Under blast sales Furren Percussion Portable Roll Up with 9 Pa Drum Kit

Under blast sales Furren Percussion Portable Roll Up with 9 Fashionable Pa Drum Kit

Furren Percussion,Portable Percussion,Roll Up Drum Kit with 9 Pa


Furren Percussion,Portable Percussion,Roll Up Drum Kit with 9 Pa

Product description


1. USB MIDI connection enables musician to upload beats to a computer. A budding digital musician will love this feature as it adds a whole different dimension to playing and customizing music, also you can connect with computer to play all drum game.
2. 9 drums pads : Crash cymbal, High tom, Snare, Open/close Hi-hat, Low floor tom, Low-mid to, Ride cymbal
3. Perfect for beginning drummer to jam in no time. The sounds module replicates every sound or beat a drummer might need, making this the perfect kit to practice hard, while still keeping things quiet
4. It can connect your phone, you can add music from your phone to create a richer, more layered sound.
5. Come with electronic drum, drumsticks, two pedals, USB cable, 3.5 audio cable .
1. Number of Drum Pads: 9
2. Number of Kick Pedals: 2
3. Size: 45 x32 cm/ 17.7 x 12.6 inch
4. Material: Silicone
Package Include:
1x Electronic Drum
1x Drumsticks
2x Foot Pedals
1x USB Cable
1x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1x User Manual

Furren Percussion,Portable Percussion,Roll Up Drum Kit with 9 Pa

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