$36 OUKENS Acoustic Foam, 19.619.61.96inch 6Pcs Strip Shape Sound-Ab Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment OUKENS Acoustic Foam 19.619.61.96inch Sound-Ab Shape 6Pcs Very popular! Strip Strip,Sound-Ab,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,/forelay6288079.html,Foam,,Acoustic,OUKENS,Shape,19.619.61.96inch,6Pcs,$36 $36 OUKENS Acoustic Foam, 19.619.61.96inch 6Pcs Strip Shape Sound-Ab Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment OUKENS Acoustic Foam 19.619.61.96inch Sound-Ab Shape 6Pcs Very popular! Strip Strip,Sound-Ab,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,/forelay6288079.html,Foam,,Acoustic,OUKENS,Shape,19.619.61.96inch,6Pcs,$36

OUKENS Acoustic Free Shipping New Foam 19.619.61.96inch Sound-Ab Shape 6Pcs Very popular Strip

OUKENS Acoustic Foam, 19.619.61.96inch 6Pcs Strip Shape Sound-Ab


OUKENS Acoustic Foam, 19.619.61.96inch 6Pcs Strip Shape Sound-Ab

Product description


1. Color can be selected by yourself; splicing is simple; utility knife portable cutting; create your own style.
2. Multiple functions: Sound absorption; noise reduction; sound quality improvement; acoustic diffusion; decoration.
3. Good for recording studios, vocals booths, home theaters
4. Light weight soundproof foam easy can be applied on ceilings. Soft / flexible - great for sound proof .
5. Our foam is very easy to clean, just use a hand vacuum on a low setting to remove any dust accumulation.
6. Can help increase sound clarity in a room or space. Great use for media content.
7. High density, fireproof, non-flammable.

Condition: 100% brand new
Weight: Approx.780g
Color: black

Package include:

OUKENS Acoustic Foam, 19.619.61.96inch 6Pcs Strip Shape Sound-Ab

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