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Personalized Max 56% OFF Moon Lamp with Arlington Mall Picture Name Customized L Photo

Personalized Moon Lamp with Picture,Customized Name Photo Moon L


Personalized Moon Lamp with Picture,Customized Name Photo Moon L

Product description


Personalized 3D Print Moon Lamp with Photo amp; Text,Both sides can be printed,Click ""Customise Now"" to upload your photos and text content
Best Personalized Gift for Everyone: It is a good present to kids,babys,parents,friends,boyfriends,girlfriends,wife,husband and everyone you love.
They will absolutely love it,Suitable for any occasion such as Christmas,Thanksgiving,birthdays,Father's day,Mother's day,Valentine's Day,baby shower,wedding anniversary and graduation.

How to choose the picture?
Make sure your picture is clear,clearer the image,the better the print.
Half-length picture with clear face is the best.

Diameter:3.15 inch,3.93 inch,4.72 inch,5.9 inch,7 inch,7.87 inch
Power Supply: USB DC 5V
Product technology: 3D printing
Light control type: Remote amp; Touch control
Battery type: Polymer lithium battery
Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Lighting Color: 16 colors optional
Material: PLA
Material Feature: Environmentalamp;non-toxic
Working Time: 4-20 hours (depends on brightness you choose)

Package Include:
1 x Moon light
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Wooden stand
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Paper retail box

Warmly Note:
1.Please press the switch button first when charging,and not charge the moon lamp all the time,or it will damage battery life.
2.Please keep the moon lamp from the high temperature environment.
3.Please pull out the thin plastic sheet on the button of the remote control
4.Please replace the new button battery if the remote control's battery runs out.
5.Not advise throw the moon lamp like a toy.It’s better work as the decorative light.

Personalized Moon Lamp with Picture,Customized Name Photo Moon L

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