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XLMHZP Luxury Hotel King-Size Bed deep Bombing new work Sheet Weekly update Cover Fitted Super

XLMHZP Luxury Hotel King-Size Bed Cover,Super deep Fitted Sheet


XLMHZP Luxury Hotel King-Size Bed Cover,Super deep Fitted Sheet

Product description

Fabric: Polyester cotton.(Including only 1 fitted sheet, except for others)
Suitable for 1.2m bed 120cmX200cm+25cm(47.24inchx78.74inch+9.8inch)
Suitable for 1.5m bed 150cmX200cm+25cm(59inchx78.74inch+9.8inch)
Suitable for 1.8m bed 180cmX200cm+25cm(70.86inchx78.74inch+9.8inch)
Durable, will not fade, the imported rubber band has been stretched without deformation. The mattress is surrounded by high-quality elastic bands and is firmly wrapped to avoid dust pollution, and is easy to disassemble and clean, and easy to replace.
Manufactured with 100% pure Egyptian cotton, luxury bedding lasts longer and stronger. Due to their long fibers, bedding's are more consistent. Its fibers will not weaken or tear apart even after numerous washes, unlike regular cotton.

XLMHZP Luxury Hotel King-Size Bed Cover,Super deep Fitted Sheet

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