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Online limited product Leather Hole Punch Chisel 3pcs Rare Tool

Leather Hole Punch Tool 3pcs Leather Punch Leather Punch Chisel


Leather Hole Punch Tool 3pcs Leather Punch Leather Punch Chisel

Product description

Color:European Chopped 3mm (2+5+9) Teeth


Made of premium white steel, these chisel have high hardness, good toughness and good anti-rust performance. Entirely polished from handle to prongs, easily pull out from the leather. Gorgeous design and handy shape, ideal for your leather craft projects. Exquisite craftsmanship, smooth and delicate surface, comfortable hand feeling. Provides punch tools with different number of prongs to meet your needs.


Condition: Brand New

Item Type: Leather Punch Tool

Material: Steel

Number of Prongs: 2+5+9 Prong

Optional Specification: 3mm, 3.38mm, 4mm

Leather Hole Punch Tool 3pcs Leather Punch Leather Punch Chisel

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