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30Pcs Led Foam Max 42% OFF Light Sticks Flashing Bulk Stick Rapid rise Glow

30Pcs Led Foam Light Sticks Glow Sticks Bulk Flashing Glow Stick


30Pcs Led Foam Light Sticks Glow Sticks Bulk Flashing Glow Stick

Product description

30pcs/lot Glow Sticks LED Foam Light Stick Wedding Birthday Colorful 3 Flashing Foam Stick Party Supplies 3 Batteries 


    LED foam sticks for concert,clubs,nightlife,raves,parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties,weddings,and any other night time event!

    These LED Foam Sticks are used at many clubs all over the world. With its multifunction lighting, you¡¯ll be able to control the vibe of any room

    Has different lighting color modes, multi-colored flashing sequence, a color changing sequence and more

    Can continue to light more than 10 hours



    Name:Colorful foam light-up stick


    These LED foam sticks are great alternatives to our plastic lightsabers. We know kids like to sword fight with our plastic lightsabers and may get hurt sometimes, with these foam sticks they can sword fight all they want and nobody is going to get hurt due to their softness.Kids will love them at their party events.Ravers will love them for their next rave party.Adults even love to play with them .They are great to take to sports events, concerts, or any other night time events

Package Included:

1 *30PCS LED Foam Sticks 

30Pcs Led Foam Light Sticks Glow Sticks Bulk Flashing Glow Stick

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