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Max 64% OFF Time sale Personalized Printed Wedding and Invitation Event with Envelope

Personalized Printed Wedding and Event Invitation with Envelope


Personalized Printed Wedding and Event Invitation with Envelope

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Item Package Quantity:50

FAST and EASY: We are the one of fastest and high quality invitation company. You will receive your invitation set 5 to 8 business day after placing your order.ORDER DETAILS: You can built your own invitation with low quantity order. Our basic set comes with only main insert and envelope, but you can add RSVP, Accommodation, Reception, Addressing and more accessories with just clicking "Customize Now" ButtonEFFORDABLE PRICE AND PRINTING: When you are trying to get invitation from our competitor, you will see uneffordable price with 4 to 8 weeks turnaround time.QUALITY: When we are talking about quality, we make no concession. Therefore, we are using high quality papers and high technology printing system. Also, all our product designed and printed in Irvine, CaliforniaFOR EVERY OCCASION: If you need invitation for Wedding, Bridal Shower, Engagement, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Graduation, Thanks Giving Dinner and even more events, you find it. Our elegant invitation design will meet your requests.

Personalized Printed Wedding and Event Invitation with Envelope

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