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2-Light Semi Flush Bombing free shipping Mount Ceiling Farmhouse Light Rustic Fixture Large discharge sale

2-Light Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture,Rustic Farmhouse


2-Light Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture,Rustic Farmhouse

Product Description

Rviezza 2-Light Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Rviezza 2-Light Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The farmhouse flush mount ceiling light feature have simplistic but artistic look, perfectly built with wood and metal frame, combining attractive vintage with modern industrial charm, adding a beautiful decor to your ceiling.

Unique style and adjustable angle design for different ceilings, No matter where it is hung, you will enjoy the soft lighting of the lamps and the beautiful look of the farmhouse.

The Semi Flush ceiling light mixes traditional style with simple modern shape, creating marvelous atmosphere you’re eager for, suitable for anyplace, such as doorway bedroom, entrance, closet, living room, kitchen, dining Room, hallway, hall, foyer, porch, farmhouse, galley, balcony, upstairs, children's room, stairwell, home office light, craft room, restaurant or more.

ceiling light fixtures flush mount

Safty: Lamp holder and line are passed UL Listed

  • Compatible with CFL, LED, Incandescent , Halogen, Edison ,Color changing
  • Fully dimmable when used with a dimmable bulb and compatible dimmer switch.

Warm tips:

  • please turn off power before installation on your ceiling and read the manual carefully
  • we advise you contact professional electricians to operate for safety purpose.
black dining room light fixture semi-flush flushmount black pendant lighting for kitchen island farmhouse ceiling light semi flush industrial ceiling light 2 light bathroom vanity light fixture
8 Light Black Country Chandelier Semi Flush Mount 6 Light Ceiling Light Pendant Light Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture 8 Light Industrial Flush Mount Ceiling Mount 2 Light Bathroom Vanity Light
Light Base E12 E26 E26 E26 E12 B092ZNLHW5
Max. Power 8x60W 6x60W 1x60W 4x60W 8x60W 2x60W
Number of Lights 8 6 1 4 8 2
Dimension Plate Diameter: 4.72" ; 26"x26"x51.97" (L x W x H) Plate Diameter: 4.72" ;23.62"x6.3"(L x H) Plate Diameter: 4.72" ;7.09"x7.09"x49.21" (L x W x H) 14.57"x14.57"x7.28" (L x W x H) Plate Diameter: 5.91" ;25.2"x5.71" (L x H) Plate Diameter: 7.09" ;14.17"x7.7"x10.24" (L x W x H)
Material Metal Metal + Glass Metal + Glass Metal + Wood Metal Metal + Glass
Dimmable (used with a dimmable bulb and compatible dimmer switch)

2-Light Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture,Rustic Farmhouse

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