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CHAIODENGZI Cast Iron Clear Glass Teapots i with Quantity limited Infuser Nashville-Davidson Mall ml 650

CHAIODENGZI Cast Iron Clear Glass Teapots with Infuser, 650 ml i


CHAIODENGZI Cast Iron Clear Glass Teapots with Infuser, 650 ml i

Product description


Every product we produce is carefully designed and modified by senior designers many times. If you have any questions about the product during the purchase process, please feel free to contact us by email. thank you for your support.
Capacity: 650ml
Material: High borosilicate glass
Quality Infuser The stainless steel infuser won't rust through time, and its smooth finish protects your hands from being scratches. The fine mesh of it effectively avoids all kinds of debris to escape.
Anti-Scald Handle
The ergonomically-designed handle is comfortable to grip in your palm. While the thermal-resistant feature keeps the handle always tender to grip though with boiling water.
Easy to Clean
Being made up of 3 separate and detachable parts, the whole cleaning process is thorough and easy.
The ultra-transparent glass body, the superior infuser and the brushed finish lid, all to make this tea pot classy and durable.
Tips for Optimal Use
Smooth surface, detachable lid and filter enable an easy cleaning. Dry it with soft towel and avoid contacting with hard objects which may cause scratches. Though dishwasher friendly, hand-washing is easy and recommended.
[Precautions for use]
1. Vessels with metal materials, can not be heated in a microwave oven. 2. Handle gently to prevent high-altitude drops or sharp mechanical shocks. Do not bump or avoid scratch damage.
3. When it is found to be damaged or cracked, please stop using it.
4. It is forbidden to hold the teapot from above the various parts of the human body.
5. Do not allow children to use this product alone. If there is a child next to the product, please be safe.

CHAIODENGZI Cast Iron Clear Glass Teapots with Infuser, 650 ml i

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