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Certified Solid Ranking online shop TOP14 22K 18K Yellow Fine Design Carved Fi Gold Ladies

Certified Solid 22K/18K Yellow Fine Gold Carved Design Ladies Fi


Certified Solid 22K/18K Yellow Fine Gold Carved Design Ladies Fi

Product description

Certified Solid 22K/18K Yellow Fine Gold Carved Design Ladies Finger Ring


  • Brand - Satfale Jewellers
  • Model Number - FG07
  • Precious/Artificial Jewelry - Precious Jewelry
  • Type - Finger Ring
  • For - Girls And Women
  • Occasion - Everyday
  • Color - Gold

Gold Features

  • Gold Purity - Choose From Option (22 Carat And 18 Carat)
  • Gold Weight - 2.5 Grams


  • Stamp - Choose From Option
  • Ring Size - Choose From Option

General Features

  • Base Material - Fine Gold

In the Box

  • Sales Package - 1 Finger Ring

Additional Features

  • Free Shipping - Yes


  • We at Satfale Jewellers committed to Provide Free Worldwide Shipping Everywhere
  • Our Shipping Partner is DHL which is Global brand and trusted shipping provider with Excellence Service Record till date.
  • We use premium quality secured packaging with Satfale Jewelers Branding Jewelery Accessories.
  • 99% Time, Customs duty is not applicable for delivery, If Applicable, Customs duty to be paid by Buyer.

Return Policy

  • In the unlikely event that any product you have ordered from us is not in good condition, is damaged or defective, or if product delivered is different from what you had ordered, you may return the merchandise unused, and in the same condition as you received it within 60 days from receipt of the product. Return courier charges will be borne by us only in case of damage, defective or wrong item received.


  • We always look forward for your feedback. Your feedback helps us to serve you better.However, if you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know your concern immediately. We will address it at top priority.
  • Thanks for shopping with Satfale Jewellers.

Certified Solid 22K/18K Yellow Fine Gold Carved Design Ladies Fi

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