$25 HCLIFE Nature City Throw Blanket, Super Soft Warm Plush Blankets Home Kitchen Bedding Home Kitchen , Bedding,/hyperdelicacy6287095.html,Soft,Blankets,Super,Plush,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Throw,City,$25,Warm,Nature,HCLIFE,Blanket, HCLIFE Nature City Throw Blanket Warm Blankets Super Soft Max 42% OFF Plush HCLIFE Nature City Throw Blanket Warm Blankets Super Soft Max 42% OFF Plush $25 HCLIFE Nature City Throw Blanket, Super Soft Warm Plush Blankets Home Kitchen Bedding Home Kitchen , Bedding,/hyperdelicacy6287095.html,Soft,Blankets,Super,Plush,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Throw,City,$25,Warm,Nature,HCLIFE,Blanket,

Regular store HCLIFE Nature City Throw Blanket Warm Blankets Super Soft Max 42% OFF Plush

HCLIFE Nature City Throw Blanket, Super Soft Warm Plush Blankets


HCLIFE Nature City Throw Blanket, Super Soft Warm Plush Blankets

Product description


50"X40":Width: 50 In/127 Cm, Height: 40 In/102 Cm.
60"X50":Width: 60 In/153 Cm, Height: 50 In/127 Cm.
80"X60":Width: 80 In/204 Cm, Height: 60 In/153 Cm.
50x40 Inch Are Suitable For Child,60x50 Inch Are Suitable For Teenagers,The Product Image Is Queen Size (80x60 Inches), Which Is Suitable For Adults.Please Follow Size Chart To Choose.

This Nature City Blanket Is Super Soft, Durable, And Lightweight. It'S Wrinkle And Fade Resistant, Doesn'T Shed, And Is Suitable For All Seasons,Keeps You Warm, But It’s Not Thick To The Point Where It Will Overheat You, Giving You The Perfectly-Balanced Versatile Throw Blanket For All Seasons

Machine Wash In Cold Water With Similar Colors, Air Dry Or Tumble Dry Low. Do Not Bleach.

There Are Three Sizes To Choose From, Suitable For Children, Adults, Parents And Grandparents!

HCLIFE Nature City Throw Blanket, Super Soft Warm Plush Blankets

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