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LVHI Hands-Free Neckband Fan Hand Al sold out. OFFicial mail order Free US Portable Personal

LVHI Hands-Free Neckband Fan, Hand Free Personal Fan Portable US


LVHI Hands-Free Neckband Fan, Hand Free Personal Fan Portable US

Product description


Have Cool Wind, Neck Design And Free Your Hands. Adjustable Angle With Manual Wind



Product Name: Neck Fan

Color: Black, White

Material: ABS

Charge Time: 1.8h

Lifetime: 4-8h

Charging Interface: 5V 2A USB

Product Size: 218 * 232 * 60mm



Cooling System:
Composed Of Semiconductor, It Can Effectively Bring Down The High Temperature Around You. Sending Cooling Breeze Of 42.8°f.

3 Modes Adjustable:
The First Mode Is Normal Breeze, The Second Is Low Cooling Mode And The Third Is High Cooling Mode.

Stronger Wind Power And Ultra-quiet:
Our Neck Fan Not Only Has The Function Of A Fan, But Its Biggest Feature Is The Cooling Clip, Which Can Realize The Sense Of Temperature Drop, And The Temprature Of The Cooled Wafer Can Be Reduced By 6-11 Degrees, So There Is No Need To Worry About The Summer Sweat.

Long Working Hours:
Made Of Featured Abs Material, Durable And Long Service Life.

Wide Range Of Applications:
Use For Both Indoor And Outdoor Activities, Office, Subway, Traveling, Camping, Picnic, Hiking.



Portable Cooling Fan*1

USB Cable Charger*1

Instruction Manual * 1

LVHI Hands-Free Neckband Fan, Hand Free Personal Fan Portable US

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