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Brand new LIALIYA Foot Massager with Heat Compression for Gifts Birthday Max 70% OFF

LIALIYA Foot Massager with Heat Compression, Birthday Gifts for


LIALIYA Foot Massager with Heat Compression, Birthday Gifts for

Product description


Product parameter
Product Name: Foot Massager
Rated power: 30W
Product color: black/gold
Product size: 48*30cm
Product gross weight: 5. 9
Rated voltage: 220V~.
Enjoy the Pleasure Foot Massage Anytime and Anywhere
Want to have an amazing foot massage experience after a whole day working? The shiatsu foot massager with heat is super durable, crafted with a unique, fashion and high-end design which makes it the perfect gift to your family, lover or friends.
Shiatsu Massage with Air Compression
With the combination of shiatsu, kneading, rolling, and air compression, the foot massage machine works wonder for more cozy massage. The foot massager is good for foot pain relief and helps to relieve aches, knots, and muscle tensions.

LIALIYA Foot Massager with Heat Compression, Birthday Gifts for

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