Absorbent Ceramic Drink Coasters for H British Decor 35% OFF Flag Table $30 Absorbent Ceramic Drink Coasters for Table Decor, British Flag H Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining /isonitroso6443006.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Absorbent,Coasters,Flag,Table,Drink,British,Ceramic,$30,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,H,Decor,,for Absorbent Ceramic Drink Coasters for H British Decor 35% OFF Flag Table $30 Absorbent Ceramic Drink Coasters for Table Decor, British Flag H Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining /isonitroso6443006.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Absorbent,Coasters,Flag,Table,Drink,British,Ceramic,$30,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,H,Decor,,for

Absorbent Ceramic Drink Coasters for At the price of surprise H British Decor 35% OFF Flag Table

Absorbent Ceramic Drink Coasters for Table Decor, British Flag H


Absorbent Ceramic Drink Coasters for Table Decor, British Flag H

Product description

Size:8 PCS Set

If you are looking for a great gift that is out of this world, our coaster may just what you are looking for!
Coasters will bring you the best wishes and improve your table decoration so that your friends and family can enjoy every meal in a pleasant atmospheres.

Made of special absorbent ceramic stone, more absorbent than sandstone and can easily absorb the water outside the icy cup, keep your desktop Dry and clean.

With these coasters strong absorption ability to ensure the surface of your furniture is dry enough.
The top can absorb coffee and cola stains in 10-15 seconds.
keep your tabletop clean and tidy. No more drips or stains!

Cork back---
Cork backing not only stops your drinks from slipping and sliding, but it also provides a layer of protection to prevent any scratches.
Glass, marble, or stained wood surfaces - save your expensive tabletops or counters by using high-quality coasters.
More durable than other coaster made of all-cork.

Easy to Store---
There are small in size and do not take up space for easy storage.

Just the right classy touch for any room in your home, whether it's the bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen.

Best Gift Idea---
What a thoughtful house warming present! These distinctive and practical cup mat also can be given as birthday, holiday, Christmas, dirty Santa, or valentines day gifts.

Maintenance Instructions---
In order to prevent soiling, please immediately wipe the residual wine, coffee, tea, soda and other residues on the surface of the coaster with a wet cloth.

Absorbent Ceramic Drink Coasters for Table Decor, British Flag H

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