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Intelligent Department store electromagnetic Induction Sealing Machine Honey Japan Maker New Bot

Intelligent electromagnetic Induction Sealing Machine, Honey Bot


Intelligent electromagnetic Induction Sealing Machine, Honey Bot

Product description

All the products are shipped from US warehouse(CA or NJ)!
All the products are shipped from US warehouse(CA or NJ)!
All the products are shipped from US warehouse(CA or NJ)!

Power supply: AC110V
Output power: 500W
No load current: ≤0.1A
Maximum working current: The sealing diameter: Φ 20 to 50 mm
Sealing way: hand-held
Product size: 340*290*130mm
Weight: 3 kg

1. The hand-held electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing is widely used for aluminum foil sealing of non-metal packaging containers in many industries.
2. The handheld electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine for handheld foil sealing machine, the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, magnetic field generated by high frequency current through inductor when the magnetic field lines through the aluminum foil sealing material, instantaneous produces a large number of small vortex, the aluminum foil to high fever, melting composite sol on the aluminum foil, to paste on the seal of bearing sealing material, achieve the purpose of quickly sealing.
3.The material of sealing container can be polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), polystyrene (PS), ABS and glass, etc., can not be used for metal bottle body and cap.

Packing including:
1* Hand-held sealing machine

Intelligent electromagnetic Induction Sealing Machine, Honey Bot

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