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Sink Drain Cleaning Brush Limited 70% OFF Outlet time cheap sale Convenience Hair Sewer Household Catch

Sink Drain Cleaning Brush Convenience Household Sewer Hair Catch


Sink Drain Cleaning Brush Convenience Household Sewer Hair Catch

Product description


1. The spiral brush design can more easily remove the hair dirt accumulated in the pipeline. Many spiral bristles are used to catch almost everything under the drainage hole.
2. Specially designed to clean and unclog the drain holes of bathroom, kitchen, tub and washbasin. Perfect for you periodically clean drainage holes to prevent clogging, could be used repeatedly.
3. Just hold handle, insert the head into clogged drains to grasp hair amp; other stuck obstructions and pull it up. Simply repeat the same operation multiple times to easily clean sewer opening to avoid any clogging or corrosion.
4. Flexible but durable, it will follow the curve of the pipes and does the job.
5. Clears drains again and again. And much less expensive than plumber visits. No need for chemicals to harm pipes or the environment.

*Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect
*Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement

Size: 45cm
Weight: 60g

Choice 1:
1 pcs x Sink Drain Cleaning Brush

Choice 2:
2 pcs x Sink Drain Cleaning Brush

Choice 3:
5 pcs x Sink Drain Cleaning Brush

Sink Drain Cleaning Brush Convenience Household Sewer Hair Catch

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