Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Moon,Gold,14k,Bracelet,/malikana6270900.html,Diamond,Crescent,Bracelet,,Solid,$118,for,Women 14k Solid Gold Crescent Moon Max 78% OFF for Diamond Bracelet Women $118 14k Solid Gold Crescent Moon Bracelet Diamond Bracelet for Women Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 14k Solid Gold Crescent Moon Max 78% OFF for Diamond Bracelet Women $118 14k Solid Gold Crescent Moon Bracelet Diamond Bracelet for Women Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Moon,Gold,14k,Bracelet,/malikana6270900.html,Diamond,Crescent,Bracelet,,Solid,$118,for,Women

14k Solid Gold Crescent Moon Max Reservation 78% OFF for Diamond Bracelet Women

14k Solid Gold Crescent Moon Bracelet Diamond Bracelet for Women


14k Solid Gold Crescent Moon Bracelet Diamond Bracelet for Women

Product description

About Blocaci
We have been in jewelry for many years, and have our own factory and professional designers. Superb technology and inheritance, adhere to the original design style and insist on the use of bright gems. Incorporate poetic creation, and continue to bloom forever.
Blocaci is committed to providing customers with fine jewelry and we hope every customer will have a perfect purchase experience here.
Witness the countless perfect love stories in the world, Blocaci's design creates a timeless beauty.

Product Details
Metal Type: Gold
Metal Color: Yellow
Gold Karat: 14k
Stone Type: Diamond
Length: 6.5" + 1" extension (16.5cm+2.5cm)

? Packing:
x 1 14k Gold Bracelet
x 1 Gift Box

? Our Promise
✔️ 30 days Return amp; Refund
✔️ 30 days Defective Exchange

14k Solid Gold Crescent Moon Bracelet Diamond Bracelet for Women

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