MFL. CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Cold Cannon Prod with LCD Fog All items free shipping Display $207 MFL. CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Cold Fog Cannon with LCD Display, Prod Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage Display,,Cold,/malikana6271700.html,$207,with,Machine,MFL.,Cannon,,CO2,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,LCD,Prod,Jet,Cryo,Fog Display,,Cold,/malikana6271700.html,$207,with,Machine,MFL.,Cannon,,CO2,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,LCD,Prod,Jet,Cryo,Fog $207 MFL. CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Cold Fog Cannon with LCD Display, Prod Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage MFL. CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Cold Cannon Prod with LCD Fog All items free shipping Display

MFL. CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Cold Cannon Prod New color with LCD Fog All items free shipping Display

MFL. CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Cold Fog Cannon with LCD Display, Prod


MFL. CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Cold Fog Cannon with LCD Display, Prod

Product description

Size:single pipe with LCD-1

MFL CO2 Cryo Jet Machine, the instant room freezer, is capable of cooling your stage or club in just seconds while providing a stunning visual effect, especially working with stage lightings.

Compatible with DMX 512
The Stationary CO2 Jet can be controlled through DMX 512, which allows you control several equipments at the same time. It makes operation easier, more dependable and flexible.

Cooling amp; Visual Effects
Working with high pressure CO2 tanks (not included), the Cryo Fog Cannon shoots approximately 26 to 33 ft plume of ice cold fog, cooling down your club instantly.

Paired with dynamic stage lighting, it creates a stunning visual effect that keeps the crowd entertained.

Please note that tighten the hose joint to keep the jet machine from leaking.

Solid Construction
Constructed with heavy duty metal, the Single Nozzle CO2 Machine will last for years to come. It can be mounted on truss, sparing floor space and reducing stage hose clutter. It comes with a 16 ft high pressure hose, perfect for nightclub, party, stage, festivals and more.
Dimension: 12.2 x 11.0 x 9.8 inches
Primary Material: Iron
Net Weight: 14.3 lbs/6.5 kg
Gross Weight: 15.4 lbs/7 kg
Voltage: AC110 50Hz
Power: 200 Watts
Operational Modes: Power On/Off, controllable with DMX 512
DMX Channel: CH1-ON/OFF, CH2-length of ON
Output: High output with high pressure CO2 tanks
Reach: Approximately 26-33 feet
PSI Rating: Up to 1400 psi
Accessory: 16.4 feet high pressure cryo hose

MFL. CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Cold Fog Cannon with LCD Display, Prod

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