with a potato.

Dial or Call 1548 Emergency Contacts





Historical photo of group of people with a Heifer cow.

My MESSAGE: To The People of Nandi

I laud the Department of Health for taking the leading role during these moments of uncertainty. Furthermore, I wish to thank and encourage our medical staff who are at the forefront in providing essential services and diligently serving our people selflessly. I urge all residents to continue observing the preventive measures that are being communicated by the Ministry of Health and make use of our TOLL-FREE COUNTY CALL CENTRE 1548, to report any suspecious cases. The Centre handles any other service provided by the County Government of Nandi at any given time of the day. Stay safe


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Other Leadership Messages

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A woman drives a tractor on her farm while wearing a sun hat

Many partners have come in to support the efforts by the County Government and we wish to sincerely appreciate their contributions to this course. We believe that in unity, we shall defeat this pandemic.

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A man and a woman harvest vegetables in a field in Bangladesh.

I want to urge all the residents to follow the government guidelines to the latter and together we can put a stop to the spread of the virus.

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The County Government of Nandi has trained and equipped over 750 Healthcare workers and influencers now deployed to their communities. They will aid in infection prevention and control interventions against the coronavirus (Covid-19).

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