CAMILYIN Children's Golf Shoe Rubbe Fabric Spikeless Comfortable Los Angeles Mall CAMILYIN,Fabric,Rubbe,$107,Shoe,Spikeless,/metathetically6286935.html,Golf,Comfortable,,Children's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men CAMILYIN,Fabric,Rubbe,$107,Shoe,Spikeless,/metathetically6286935.html,Golf,Comfortable,,Children's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men CAMILYIN Children's Golf Shoe Rubbe Fabric Spikeless Comfortable Los Angeles Mall $107 CAMILYIN Children's Golf Shoe Spikeless Comfortable Fabric,Rubbe Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $107 CAMILYIN Children's Golf Shoe Spikeless Comfortable Fabric,Rubbe Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

CAMILYIN Children's Golf Shoe Rubbe Fabric Spikeless Comfortable Omaha Mall Los Angeles Mall

CAMILYIN Children's Golf Shoe Spikeless Comfortable Fabric,Rubbe


CAMILYIN Children's Golf Shoe Spikeless Comfortable Fabric,Rubbe

Product description


The inner lining of golf shoes is made of high-quality soft cotton fabric, which is breathable and sweat-absorbing; the insole is made of EVA material to provide more cushioning for your feet.

Made of high-strength steel wire, it can withstand 40KG traction. Seconds to wear shoes. Very practical

All-weather performance, all-weather comfort, high-quality synthetic materials, durable synthetic leather and elastic materials are used to create comfortable and durable all-weather sneakers.

Golf shoes are made of soft microfiber synthetic material, providing higher comfort and foot feel. Ensure good grip and durability

★ Soft and comfortable cotton lining, sweat-absorbing and breathable
★ Function: non-slip, breathable, comfortable


Name: Microfiber leather waterproof shoes
Fabric: Soft and waterproof microfiber leather
Sole: Standard wear-resistant rubber outsole
Size: 30-38
Color: white and black, white and red
Performance: comfortable and breathable/strong abrasion resistance
Sole: transparent rubber
Sneaker bag material: PU leather
Sneaker bag size: length 33CM*width 20CM*height 12CM
Sneaker bag net weight: 0.31KG
Applicable places: plastic, floor, field, hard ground, soil field, natural grass, artificial grass, mountainous area


Golf shoes * 1
Golf shoe bag * 1

CAMILYIN Children's Golf Shoe Spikeless Comfortable Fabric,Rubbe

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