Z.L.Q Freestanding Bathtubs Bath Portable Bathtub Barrel Now free shipping Folding Barrel,Bathtubs,$132,Freestanding,Portable,Bath,Home Kitchen , Bath,Z.L.Q,Bathtub,Folding,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,/redjacket6287743.html Z.L.Q Freestanding Bathtubs Bath Portable Bathtub Barrel Now free shipping Folding $132 Z.L.Q Freestanding Bathtubs Bath Barrel Bathtub Portable Folding Home Kitchen Bath $132 Z.L.Q Freestanding Bathtubs Bath Barrel Bathtub Portable Folding Home Kitchen Bath Barrel,Bathtubs,$132,Freestanding,Portable,Bath,Home Kitchen , Bath,Z.L.Q,Bathtub,Folding,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,/redjacket6287743.html

Z.L.Q Freestanding Bathtubs Bath Portable Bathtub Barrel Now free Cheap SALE Start shipping Folding

Z.L.Q Freestanding Bathtubs Bath Barrel Bathtub Portable Folding


Z.L.Q Freestanding Bathtubs Bath Barrel Bathtub Portable Folding

Product description


1. Easy to install, easy to store, easy to drain after bathing. The bathtub kit includes support rod*8, fixed ring*3~4, connection port*3~4, drain pipe*1, drain valve*1, sealing ring*1, cushion*1, bath bag*5, bath cover* 1
2. Folding bathtub is more convenient to store. The bathtub is only 2.5 kg, easy to move, and can be used in various scenes such as outdoors.
3. Moderately priced bathtubs are suitable for all seasons, hot tubs are suitable in winter, and cool bathtubs in summer. The size of the double foldable bathtub is larger than the traditional round bathtub. This is a more suitable bathtub, you can take a bath with your family.
1. The bucket is made of thick plastic, soft, foldable, durable and insulated. Children must be accompanied by an adult to use it.
2. Easy to install, easy to store, easy to drain after bathing.
3. The new bathtub smells a bit stinky and will gradually disappear after being left in the air for a period of time.
4. Moderately priced bathtubs are suitable for all seasons, hot tubs are suitable in winter, and cool bathtubs in summer.
Material: PVC composite
Packing list:
Support rod*8
Fixed ring*3
Connection port*3
Drain pipe*1
Drain valve*1
Seal ring*1
Seat cushion*1
Bath bag*5
Bath cover*1

Z.L.Q Freestanding Bathtubs Bath Barrel Bathtub Portable Folding

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