$39 Davitu Cables, Adapters Sockets - 12V Start Button Keyless Ent Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools /redjacket6288143.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,12V,-,Cables,,Davitu,Button,Sockets,Adapters,$39,Ent,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Keyless,Start Davitu Cables Adapters Sockets Award-winning store - Keyless Button Ent Start 12V $39 Davitu Cables, Adapters Sockets - 12V Start Button Keyless Ent Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools /redjacket6288143.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,12V,-,Cables,,Davitu,Button,Sockets,Adapters,$39,Ent,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Keyless,Start Davitu Cables Adapters Sockets Award-winning store - Keyless Button Ent Start 12V

Davitu Cables Adapters Sockets Award-winning store - Keyless Same day shipping Button Ent Start 12V

Davitu Cables, Adapters Sockets - 12V Start Button Keyless Ent


Davitu Cables, Adapters Sockets - 12V Start Button Keyless Ent

Product description

Color: black
Material: ABS + electronic components
Size: 10 * 9 * 3.2cm
Use: car engine push button for starting, remote RFID lock ignition starter, keyless entry
Scope of Applications: universal
Operating voltage: DC voltage DC = 12V. (24V power supplyis not supported.)
Standby current: 8mA (Note: continuous standby up to 2 months)
Button display: blue light (Note: The blue light will be off when the car shuts down. It will be bright for long when the car starts. When the speaker switches on, it will flash)
Entry of anti-theft mode: The system will automatically lock the engine everytime when the car has been shut down for 15 seconds. The whole car will power off, including the button light.
Exit of anti-theft mode: Make the ID card close to sensor coil when you get on the car, then the host will tweet twice and quit the anti-theft mode.
Brake light output flashing voltage: DC = 12V (Note: the output time is controlled by the foot brake)
Brake light output moded: First, the brake light will flash four times each time after you jam on the brake. Then, the brake light will be bright long. When you loose feet off the brake, the control signal will be small signal.
Alarm mode: brake light alarm: When someone gets on the car and jams on the brake illegally, the brake light will flash and alarm for 15 seconds.
Night indicator light for starting: When you get on the car at night and find it difficult to find the start button, then you can jam on the brake and the indicator light on the start button will be bright for 2 seconds. It's very practical to help the car owner to find the start button.
Feature and Use Method:
(1) short press one-key-to-start button: jam on the foot brake, short press the start button once and loose your finger, then the car will automatically start after 0.7 seconds.
(2) short press one-key-to-start button: don't jam on the foot

Davitu Cables, Adapters Sockets - 12V Start Button Keyless Ent

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